How long is the warranty period?

AfterShokzUK offers a two-year warranty for all headphones purchased directly from and authorized retailers. Your warranty begins with your original purchase date. If you filed a claim and received a replacement unit, the warranty continue from your original purchase date, will not recount from replacement received.


What if my product was a gift?

If you received the product as a gift you can still file a claim in the two-year warranty by your headphones and warranty card.

The valid warranty period would recount by serial number, you can contact for date tracking.


What’s covered under warranty?

Your warranty covers manufacturer defects of headphones. It does not cover abuse, misuse, loss or theft.

Normally, all free giveaways/accessnories keeps in package were not cover in warranty, for any query please contact our customer service team.


How can i file a warranty claim?

Please fill a warranty application here with your purchase proof and serial number.


How long does the claims process take?

After submitted, a member of our warranty department will review and reach out to you in 2 business days for next matters.

Once approved, a brand new replacement will ship out in 5 calendar days and update you shipping details.

Do not discard your faulty headphones until you receive your replacement.


My replacement headphones broke. Can I file another claim?

If you’re still within two years since your original purchase date, you can file a claim on your replacement headphones or contact directly.


Do you offer a repair service?

AfterShokz does not offer a repair service, but we do offer a two-year warranty for replacement. If you experience a manufacturer defect at any point in the first two years, you can file a claim.


Can I upgrade my headphones when I file a warranty claim?

A warranty claim will only provide you with a replacement of the headphones you already have. If you would like to upgrade, kindly contact our customer service team.